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Friday, September 18, 2009


Where were those Asteroids Hiding

If you were wondering about the asteroids I mentioned in yesterdays post about my complete inability to find L4 asteroids, here they are (clcik image to embiggen). The square shows the approximate field of view of the STEREO H1 instrument (and hence the extent of the image in yesterdays post).

There is 8 Flora, 14 Irene, 146 Lucinda, 103 Hecate, 54 Alexandra, 451 Patientia, 409 Aspasia and 25 Phocaea. Comet 88P is also shown, but was cropped out in my overlay image.

One good thing about all this work is that if a new Asteriod does turn up, I know the locations of the known ones. So this makes the work of finding L4 asteroids a bit easier now.

In the next few days 187 Lambeta and 70 Panopea will enter from the lefthand side.

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What is the name of the program you used to generate that star field?
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