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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Occultation of Sigma Scorpii - July 31

The Moon and Scorpio in the western sky around 1:00 pm AEST Friday July 31 (click to embiggen).

The Moon passes in front of the bright star Sigma Scorpii in the head of the Scorpion on Friday July 31. While the keen eyed may see the star up to its disappearance, this event is best seen with binoculars or a telescope.

The unilluminated side of the Moon will pass in front of magnitude 2.3 Sigma Scorpii at various times depending on where you are:
Adelaide 21:27 ACST
Brisbane 22:33 AEST
Canberra 22:18 AEST
Darwin no occultation
Hobart 22:15 AEST
Melbourne 22:09 AEST
Perth 18:58 AWST
Sydney 22:23 AEST

The encounter is pretty much straight on, so the star should just wink out.

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