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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


DIscovery of a Good Comet

Last night the intertubes were jumping in the cometary community, C42 Xingming Observatory , discoverer of comet C/2008 Chen Gao last year, emailed the comets list for observations of a potential new comet. Within a short time confirmations were flooding back, and Good01, now P/2009 L2 (YANG-GAO) (ephemeris here).

In Scutum, not far from the clusters of Sagittarius, it is currently at magnitude 14.5. A bit too dim for many amateurs, and well out of binocular range. The first confirmatory image from Giovanni Sostero, Paul Camilleri, Enrico Prosperi and Ernesto Guido is here, and a nice follow up image is here. Tont Farkas has a short animation here. Beutiful images taken with the GRAS remote telescopes by Erik Bryssinck and R. Ligustri are here and here respectively.

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