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Monday, May 18, 2009


Climate Futures Seminar, Wednesday May 20.

Here's the notification of the latest climate futures seminar.

Join us this Wednesday for the tenth instalment of the Climate Futures Seminar Series entitled ‘The Carbon Economy’ convened by Professor Christopher Findlay.

This seminar will explore what has to change in Australia’s economy to get to or near the global per capita average emissions needed under ‘ambitious’ mitigation. Policy options and recent changes in climate change policy in Australia will then be discussed , followed by a review of the international context of national policy making, likely events at the Copenhagen meeting, interaction between China and the US on climate change, and the gains from international linking of emissions trading schemes.

‘The carbon economy’ will be presented on Wednesday 20 May at 5-7pm in the Horace Lamb Lecture Theatre, University of Adelaide North Terrace campus. The entrance to the venue is indicated on the first attached flyer. We plan to commence by 5:15pm but doors will be open throughout the event. Registration for this event is preferred.

enquires to: environment@adelaide.edu.au


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