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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Where do meteors come from?

Image credit and copyright: SonotaCo Network, Japan

Where do meteors come from? Mostly in the northern sky, it looks like. This astounding image is a map of meteor images complied by meteor enthusiasts in Japan. Go over to Astronomy post of the day for for the full story.


this doesnt help at all!!!!!!!!!! gee.im a 7th grader doing hmwk and you cant help a kidd out??!
What exactly do you need to know?
ughhh man i have a paper to do right now man andf its due tommorrow gosh and u cant help a 6th grader! and yes im 6th grade! and i need to know where asteriods orignate from?!!! >_<!!!!!!!! finee immma go to nasa
also ian musgrave not to be mean but dude i reallyu newed help :D but dude... u look all scientisty but u need to know it but thanks for the help a lil =/ but ill get more info later.. right now i need to go eat me a taco!!!! :v
Since I live in Australia, and your night time is my day time (and vice versa), so I can't get to your query straight away.

What do you mean by your question? do you mean location (ie asteroids originate in the asteroid belt) or how they were formed (asteroids being leftovers from planet formation)?
seriously im trynna do my hmework and thats all you otta say where do the come frm that all i need to knw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks alot you kinda helped me wit my hmework but nextime try to be more specific about where dey cme frm see ya going to anoda website wit a little more info on where dey cme frm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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