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Friday, January 09, 2009


Biggest Full Moon this Sunday Night (11 January 2008)

Yes, I know we have just had a biggest Full Moon...of 2008. This will be the biggest Full Moon of 2009. Weather should be better this time, so shortly after Sunset, go and watch the Moon rise. You should be rewarded with a spectacular sight. Why is the Full Moon so big? It's a perigee. See this NASA article for more detail (and it's on Saturday of USAians, but Sunday for us).


Looking forward to snap some photos, hopefully weather will be good. Tonight was perfect, it almost look like full moon.

Anna :)
Being just one day off full it did look pretty dramatic didn't it. Tommorow night should be fantastic too.
Hi Ian, I got a great shot just before dawn rise on the 12th. Awesome. Thanks for the info

All the best
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