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Thursday, January 08, 2009


The Anniversary of Galileo's Death

On this day in 1642 Galileo, the "Father of Modern Astronomy" died. This year we celebrate 400 years since he first used a telescope for astronomical observations. The Galileo Project has an extensive list of timelines, information and resources about him.


Hi Ian,

Happy New year. You're a biologist as well as an amateur astronomer. That's one heck of a combination. I did a zoology paper many years ago and passed it. I was going to be a vet but things changed there. Great info on Galileo. Thanks the kids and I will enjoy having a good read. Hope the weather has been kind to you there and not too hot. We've been roasting here but had some good clear nights for a change.

Take care
I always wanted to be an astrobiologist (although the term didn't exist when I was a kid). So being a professional biologist and an amateur astronomer was a good comprimise.

Galileo was a fascinating preson. If you ever get a chance, read Dava Sobels book on Galileo's daughter.

Weather here is mild, but cloudy now, next week will be a scorcher.

Cheers! Ian
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