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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Comet C/2008 A1 McNaught Brightens

Comet A1 McNaught as seen facing south an hour and a half after Sunset form the southern hemisphere (click to enlarge for a printable chart).

Comet A1 McNaught will never be as bright as its famous predecessor, but it is considerably brighter than what it was expected to be at this stage (Magnitude 6 vs magnitude 8). It will only be a fuzzy blob in binoculars and telescope, and people at dark-sky sites will just be able to see it as a fuzzy dot, but it will be our fuzzy dot.

A nice image from Comet Al, in suburban Melbourne.


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Hi there.. If I experienced something which I believe is a comet, how do I verify it? or should i inform anyone? I captured it through a video from my balcony at Gold Coast during sunset. It was my first, and beautiful! At first i thought it was a plane caught on fire but when i zoomed I only saw a ball like with 'fiery' bright tail. Can you share? I will look out for your reply here. Thanks.
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