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Sunday, July 06, 2008


Images of the Lineup.

Well, of course it rained here. So I couldn't see the line-up of Mars, Saturn Regulus and the Moon. Fortunately some readers sent in some splendid images, which cheered me up immensely.

First off is Peter Moss, from Wellington New Zealand (click the image to enlarge it). A full scale image, plus several more of the line-up, can be found at www.astronomy.net.nz .

Next up is Tony Travaglia, also of New Zealand. He took this image of the line-up with a Canon 40D 70-200 mm lens at SO 400, with an exposure of 5 secs at f3.5 using a 70mm zoom. Beautiful image (click it to enlarge).

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Celestial dymamics in action: Here is the view of the four 45 minutes ago (ca. 21:00 UTC) as seen from northern Germany in bright dusk, just when clouds were swallowing the Moon.
That's marvellous! Thanks very much for that link!
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