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Thursday, November 01, 2007


All Hallows Eve

I've written before about how celebrating All Hallows Eve (Halloween) doesn't make sense in Australia. This very there wasn't the same brightness of sky and sea that made a celebration of all things spooky somewhat ironic, due to the clouds that have been stopping me from seeing the various comets about. Still even cloudy the atmosphere was hardly spooky at all.

This year we were all a bit less organised due to illness (blasted flu) and work. And the Twins were busy studying for exams. Still, the Bettdeckererschnappender weisle organised lollies for the neighbours to hand out to the kids, MiddleOne dressed as a ghost again, and made a Jack O'Lantern from an apple and a glow stick (worked well too). EldestOne went as a Teenager (that was scary).

I was going to do some experiments, like last year, but things didn't work out that way. The cloud meant no comet LONEOS, or other astronomical phenomenon to show the kids when it did get dark, but the sugar charged kids would probably not have paid attention anyway. Everyone had fun though, and that was the main thing.


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