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Thursday, March 16, 2006


Talk Amongst Yourselves

I'm off to Melbourne for a week, to see the Commonwealth games and watch the ISS go past Venus (see post below). I'm unlikely to post anything in this time, so I'll chat to you when I get back.

Have fun! :-)
I was lucky enough to see a few events at the Manchester 2002 games. My house was also on the main route between the athelete's village and the main stadium so many of them would walk (or cycle) past my front gate. It was a lot of fun.
It turns out my rellies have broadband, so I may be able to snatch a few posts. We arrived in Melbourne in time to part the car at a railway station and head into the stadium (talk about cutting it fine). We saw an athletics heat (well, I saw a bit of it as I was in charge of keeping Smallest one out of the way). It was brilliant. Tomorrow we are off to see the Marathon. We are well, out of the main darg Stuart, but we will probably drop into the festival which is running at the same time and see lots of exciting things!
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