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Thursday, March 16, 2006


See Venus and the ISS in Southern Australia

The ISS passing Venus as seen facing east in Melbourne at 5:38 AEDST on 20 March, the view is pretty similar at other sites (click to enlarge)
Venus is spectacular at the worst of times, but on the Morning of Sunday March 19, for those in Adelaide and Hobart, and the Morning of Monday March 20, for those in Melbourne and Sydney, the International Space Station will glide past Venus. This will be a pretty great sight. Hobart has the closest approach of the ISS to Venus, followed by Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide (it's in roughly the same half of the sky in Brisbane).

Adelaide: 19 March Closest approach 6:18 ACDST, Mag 0.7
Hobart: 19 March Closest approach 5:13 AEDST, Mag 0.6
Melbourne: 20 March Closest approach 5:38 AEDST, Mag 0.6
Sydney: 20 March Closest approach 5:40 AEDST, Mag 0.7

The ISS orbit changes a lot, so you might want to check approach times either directly at http://www.heavens-above.com or via my handy preset forms at http://home.mira.net/~reynella/skywatch/ssky.htm#Flare

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