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Monday, August 01, 2005


Aurora? not yet.

The X class flare did produce a billow of charge particles (a Coronal Mass Ejection) but it was aimed away from us. The edges of the CME may brush us, so people in Hobart or Southern New Zealand should keep an eye open for Aurora tonight just in case. 792 may still unleash an auroral storm on us in the coming days.

The image acompanying this is a brilliant photo by Shane Finnigan of the International Space Staion hurtling past Sunspot group 792.

Every so often, the ISS passes in front of the Sun or Moon, or very close to a bright planet. Watching this is an amazing sight, and I've caufgt a couple of ISS transits myself (not on camera unfortunately). For a dedicated band of people, imaging the ISS when it passes in front of the Sun or Moon is a demanding hobby.

This is made a lot easier by Thomas Fly (WARNING BIG GRAPHIC HEAVY SITE, but well worth it), who has produced the ISS transit alert service (This is currently down, but will come back). ISS transits are a bit more work than just ISS passes, but well worth it. Check out the ISS Transit of Venus page.

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