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Monday, July 04, 2005


Later that day ...

The nibostratus turned to altostratus. The family wandered down to the beach to assist the local Coast Care (or was it Our Patch? I can never work out which program is involved) planting. The aim is to stabilise dunes and remove invasive species. Adelaide has a terrible record for keeping it's local vegettion, in the greater Adelaide area and Adelaide hills, only about 3% of the native vegetation remains. In the fragile dune system, our local city council has made a bikepath which is like a super highway. So revegetation work is a priority. Both myself and the Bettdeckererschnappender Weisle are biologists, and BW is an environmental manager. We've been volunteering for these sorts of projects for quite some time. BW used to work for TreeProject, an Victorian revegetation group. We have spent many a happy hour trying to get Hamilton tree planters to make an impression on rockhard soil, or sloging though glutinous mud. Planting and weeding in costal sanddunes is a joy after that. Not that I did much, my job was to keep Smallest One occupied so he wouldn't enthusiatically weed out the native plants we had just planted. So we pottered along the beach looking at sea grass and sea weed, digging holes with razor clam shells.

Of course the clouds stayed. Didn't image Jupiter. this morning of course was clear as a bell, with the cresent Moon shining innocnetly well below the Pleaides.

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