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Friday, July 01, 2005


Comet Temple "live" webcasts.

For us Aussies, the meeting between the Deep Impact projectile and comet Temple 1 will occur during daylight (3:52 pm AEST). But there are a number of "live" webcasts of the encounter from Earth based telescopes. Kitt peak will be broadcasting image updates every 45 seconds for the hour before and after impact time. Mauna Kea will be broadcasting near-realtime images from its 11" Celstron instrument on the night of the impact. The Small Telescope Science program should have images from participants fairly soon after the event. There is also NASA TV. In Australia the Charles Sturt University will be watching the skies with their remote telescope. Currently its only on from 8 pm to 9 pm AEST, but it will wacth the whole might of the 4th. So if you are in daylight or clouded out, put a comfy pillow on your computer chair and watch the event on the web.

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