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Monday, December 12, 2016


Mercury, Venus and Mars (12 December 2016)

Mercury, Venus and Mars all in a line in the evening twilight of 12 December at 21:15 ACDST. Stack 0f 10x 2 second images Canon IXUS 400 ASA. Click to embiggen to see the planets more clearly.Same as before but now labelled. The stars Nunki in Sagittarius and Deneb Algedi in Capriconius are labelled too. The inset shows a closeup of the region around Mercury.

Mercury, Venus and Mars have been forming a nice line-up during the past two weeks. Unfortunately cloud or lack of a camera have kept me from capturing it until tonight. Despite cloud Mercury was clearly visible.

Like Venus and Mars before it, Mercury is travelling through the "teapot" of Sagittarius. At the moment it is close to Nunki in the handle of the "teapot".Mars is close to delta Capricornii, Deneb Algedi. The line-up looks very nice, hopefully I can get a shot sans clouds when Nunki and Mercury are at their closest.

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