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Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Astrophiz Podcast 23 is Out

Astrophiz Podcast 23 is out now

Meet Asteroid Hunters Daniel Bamberger and Guy Wells. 

Feature Interview: Daniel Bamberger & Guy Wells, who have set up the rapidly expanding and recognised Northolt Branch Observatory, explain how they image and verify orbits of asteroids and other NEOs. (Near earth Objects)

“What”s Up in the Sky this Week”: The planets of the morning sky, the evening sky and the Geminids meteor shower under a full moon.

In the News:
1. The Low-Frequency Array (LOFAR), the antennas are receiving radio signals that have travelled billions of years to get here, from the depths of the cosmos. 

2. Another citizen science project turns up remarkable pulsar science via the einstein@home project.
3. Daniel Ung, a Masters student at Curtin University in Perth, Australia, has won the 2016 FEKO Student Competition, with implications for SKA and the MWA, the Murchison Widefield Array.


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