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Thursday, September 01, 2016


The ISS zooms past ANtares (31 August 2016)

The ISS shoots past Antares (with Mars and Saturn nearby) at 18:39 ACST in Adelaide. Stack of 5 x 5 second exposures ASA 400 Canon IXUS. Stacked in deep sky stacker (there werre 6, but for some reason DSS dropped the last one). Click to embiggen.Animation of all 6 frames done in ImageJ (click to emibeen as the starts don't' come out too well in this vignette).

The on and off again clouds are a bit frustrating, but despite thin cloud I was able to catch the ISS passing very close to Anatres. The combination of thin cloud and early twilight meant I couldn't take really short exposures, or much longer exposures. Visually the pass was spectacular, but despite the images not being quite as good as the experience, it still worked out okay. Hopefully Fridays "shooting Venus" pass will be relatively cloud free.

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