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Saturday, September 03, 2016


Aurora Happening NOW! (3 September 11:00pm AEST)

Hobart K-Index plot diagramUnaided eye aurora are being reported from multiple Tasmainian sites including Ninepin,  Nubeena, and Squeaking point and Kilcunda, Vic NOW. As with last night the indexes are currently all rubbish but people are reporting aurora. It is expected that the magnetic field polarity will swing back and forth during the night, so there may be out busts of aurora then it dying down before flaring up again.

Dark sky sites have the best chance of seeing anything, and always allow around 5 minutes for your eyes to become dark adapted.
As always look to the south for shifting red/green glows, beams have been reported consistently over the last few aurora and a large green "blob" has been seen, as well as bright proton arcs and "picket fences".

Here is the near-real time satellite view of the clouds http://satview.bom.gov.au/
Cloud cover predictions can be found at SkippySky.  

Further monitoring at


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