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Monday, March 28, 2016


Comet 252P and the Butterfly Cluster (27 March 2016)

252P/LINEAR taken  at 4:50 am AEDST 27/3/16. The image is a stack of 6x 60 second luminance exposures from iTelescope T12 at Siding Spring Observatory. MAX Z projection used on the stack. Click to embiggen.Same as before but the images are SUMMED in the Z projection. Click to embiggen.

The weather has been cloudy here, and I only got a brief glimpse of the tail of Scorpius through the cloud at 5:00 am on Easter Sunday before it really socked in.  Fortunately iTelescope at Siding Spring Observatory was clear, and I was able to get these shots of comet 252P near the Butterfly Cluster. 6 x 60 second images were stacked in ImageJ and then I experimented with different Z projections to bring out the nebula and dark globules around the Butterfly Cluster (M6). On I used MAX, maximum intensity for each image and the other I simply SUMMED the images.  The comet is a bit overexposed, but the surrounding territory comes out quite nicely.

Animation of 252P scooting past the Butterfly Cluster. Animation of 6x 60 second luminance images.

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