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Thursday, February 12, 2015


Southern Skywatch February, 2015 edition is now out at its New Home!

Western horizon as seen from Adelaide on 21 February at 9:00 pm ACDST . Click to embiggen.

The February edition of Southern Skywatch is now up at its new home. 

Err, so what happened to the January edition? Bushfires, heatwaves, family stuff and comets kept me from finishing.

This month a bit of  planetary action  with the opposition of Jupiter.

Jupiter rises higher in the evening sky and is at opposition, when it is biggest and brightest, this month.

Mars is becoming harder to see in the western evening twilight.  Mars comes closer to Venus and the pair are close to the crescent Moon on the 21st.

Saturn is now high in the morning sky. It is in the head of the constellation of Scorpius, the Scorpion. It is close to the waning Moon on the 13th.

Venus is readily visible in the evening sky. Over the Month it comes closer to Mars

Mercury returns to the morning sky. This is the best time to see Mercury in the morning sky. It is close to the crescent Moon on the 17th.


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