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Thursday, August 14, 2014


Readers Images of the Occultation of Saturn, August 4 2014

Christine Beswick from Tasmania took this "near miss" image. Hand held standing on the porch 1/40 ISO 320.Chris Wyatt took this image using an eyepiece projection of Moon at 29.8 magnification at ASA 400, 1/200 sec exposure on his 10" dob scope with a Canon 70D
Chris has imaged Saturn with no eyepiece at ASA 3200, 1/100 sec and focal length 3,890 mmChris imaged the Moon Occulting Saturn with  ASA 2,500 , 1/125 sec and focal length 3,890 mm

Readers Rob and Julie Walpole and Chris Wyatt have sent in some great images of the occultation of Saturn on August 4. Rob and Julie sent along their friend Christine Beswick's image of the "near miss" ocultation in Tasmania.Reader Chris Wyatt capture the Moon and Saturn, and the dramatic moment when Saturn just began to pass behind the Moon.

Remeber that copyright invests with them folks, so please ask if you want ot use their pictures.

Sorry to take so long to put these marvellous images up.

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