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Sunday, July 06, 2014


The Moon, Mars and Spica, Sunday 6 June 2014

Chart of tonight's sky at 22:00 ACST as seen from Adelaide, similar views will be seen at the equivalent local time (eg   22:00 AEST) elsewhere.The Moon, Spica (left) Mards (above) and Saturn (far right) as seem from my backyard around 19:00 ACST. The blob down the bottom is an imaging artefact. Taken with my Canon IXUS 400 ASA 2 second exposure.Close up of Moon, Mars and Spica 3X Zoom on the Canon IXUS as before.

If you have clear skies at the moment go out right now, and look up in the north/north-western sky. There you will see Mars, the Last Quarter Moon and the bright star Spica all grouped in a lovely triangle. Go on, go out and have a look.

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Thanks for the tip. Went outside (Western Sydney) at 22.30 and it looked much the same as your photo. Regards, Wayne

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