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Thursday, March 06, 2014


Don't Forget Tomorrows ISS Pass

The ISS passes near the Moon, as seen from Adelaide on the evening of Friday March 7 at  20:35:59 ACDST (changed from the prediction of  20:35:32 ACDST on Sunday). All sky chart showing local  times from Heavens Above for Friday March 7 for Adelaide. Click to Emgbiggen.

Don't forget that tomorrow (Friday March 7) sees a nice bright ISS pass near the Moon from most Australian sites. 

Yopu will need to check your times again. in the intervening days the ISS orbit has changed a little bit, so it is about 30 seconds later.

Also have a look for Iridium flares, from Adelaide there is one at 20:33:29, as the ISS is rising (hat tip to Dean Male).

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