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Sunday, February 02, 2014


Aurora Alert Sunday 2 Feb - Morning 3 Feb 2014

A Coronal Mass Ejection is likely to hit in the next 24 hours. Expected arrival time is 9-12 UT (20-23 AEDT) +/- 7 hours. Isolated minor storms are predicted for high latitudes (Tasmania, Southern New Zealand, Australian Antarctic Territories) and possibly coastal Victoria tonight or tomorrow morning.

NOAA has listed a G1 alert and the Australian IPS has issued an aurora watch. Look to the south from astronomical twilight (sunset +1hr 30 mins). As always dark sky sites have the best chance of seeing anything.

SUBJ: IPS AURORA WATCH ISSUED AT 2335 UT ON 01 Feb 2014 BY IPS RADIO AND SPACE SERVICES FROM THE AUSTRALIAN SPACE FORECAST CENTRE A Coronal Mass Ejection is expected to impact the Earth within the next 24 hours, possibly resulting in moderate space weather activity and visible auroras during local nighttime hours at Tasmania, possibly the coastline of Victoria and similar latitudes. Aurora alerts will follow should favourable space weather activity eventuate.


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