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Sunday, August 11, 2013


Venus and the Moon, August 10, 2013

The crescent Moon and Venus 5 minutes after sunset.Taken in auto mode on my Canon IXUS, 400 ASA at 3x Zoom.  (click to embiggen to see Venus clearly).The crescent Moon and Venus later that evening when the cloud cleared again. Good Earth-shine. Taken on my Canon IXUS, 400 ASA, 3xZoom, 4 seconds exposure. (click to embiggen).

Not as much luck tonight as last night, did see Venus and the crescent Moon together, but intermittent cloud meant I couldn't get that nice part of the twilight when there is interesting detail about. Also missed daylight Venus due to persistent cloud (well did see it through cloud 5 minutes before sunset, but that doesn't really count).

Here's some more nice Earth-shine and the Moon reflecting of the sea. Venus had gone behind cloud in the time it took to get the camera set up. Click to embiggen.

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