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Sunday, March 17, 2013


Geomagnetic Storm on Now (17 March)

Australian Region Estimated K-Index MapUPDATED UPDATE: Serious aurora being spotted all over Tasmania.

UPDATE: confirmed aurora in Tasmania (Coles bay and Latrobe)

The Australian IPS has issued a geomagnetic storm advisory, a geomagnetic storm is happening now.

Yes, I know it's still daylight, but if the storm keeps up then aurora may be seen after sunset.

The Kp index is currently 5, the solar wind speed is high and the magnetic field strength has been varying from as low as -15nT (good for Aurora) to 3nT (rubbish for aurora).

If the storm levels keep up Tasmania and Southern New Zealand have a very good chance of aurora, and Northern NZ and Southern Victoria have a chance as well.

Look to the South for unusual shifting glows after astronomical twilight, dark sky locations have the best chance of seeing anything.


Hi Ian,thanks for sharing. We headed out for a look in southern Victoria tonight and while the sky did look brighter and sligtly off-coloured, our camera certainly picked up the real majesty. You can see our pic here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=502045043166159&set=a.356167181087280.74585.251825978188068&type=1&theater
Thanks, Steph, Coastal Light Photography
Steph, that's beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
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