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Sunday, January 27, 2013


EldestOne is an Even Number Old.

EldestOne is an even number old, the square root of his age is the sum of the first and second digits of MiddleOne's age. This number subtracted from MiddleOne's age gives SmallestOne's age. When SmallestOne's and MiddleOne's ages are added together, the sum of the first and second digits ofthe resuting number is the Square Root of EldestOne's age.

An he can now apply for his drivers license (scary thought, alog with MiddleOne starting high school). We had our traditional birthday breakfast at 11 am (teenager time :-), then went out to see "The Hobbit" in 3D (Magnifique!) and finished off with Schnitzel at the local pub. A happy Birthday had by all.


Hey Ian, this is the first time I worked out your childrens' ages ! Did they all like The Hobbit ?
Happy Birthday to the Eldest One.
And I just read the SMH article quoting you on the ICI mercury pollution.
G'Day JIB, they loved the Hobbit, now EldestOne is going to read the book to SmallestOne.

Re SMH and mercury. Yeah, a fairly extensive interview pared down to two sound bites, but at least it got the core of what I was saying.
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