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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Latest C/2010 X1 Elenin News

Rob McMaught reports that he can see only a smear and no central condensation using the E12 instrument, indicative that the comet is indeed disintegrating

The Sungrazing Comets site has a graphic showing the dimming of comet Elenin in STEREO-B , covering August 15-26, 2011 http://bit.ly/ouoRum

which is backed up by quicktime movie (warning 25MB file) from August 14th to August 26, 2011 http://bit.ly/mS4LY5

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Makes one wonder, why is the International Space Station being "abandoned" for a longer-than-usual period to be restocked with supplies? Why did NASA say they didn't know about the brown dwarf stars closer to us than any stars were originally suspected? Too many questions to ignore that this 21million mile close range, long-period comet couldn't just be ignored nonchalantly by the entire world. We're in a different age with people connected closely with the internet, and no longer stand for "official" reports from agencies whose sole purpose is to report information to governments for defensive measures and "protect" citizens from knowledge that could be used for bad OR good. Just too suspicious...
"...agencies whose sole purpose is to report information to governments for defensive measures and "protect" citizens from knowledge that could be used for bad OR good. Just too suspicious..."

CLASSIC Paranoia, face it..no matter how many "strange events" you try to string together, your just plain wrong on this one, Comet Elenin was just a comet and its now just a pile of broken pieces..enjoy the spectacle, don't worry be happy.. :)
Doesn't appear to be disintegrating in the video you linked to. It just appears to be moving away from the camera.

Not sure which is worse, a comet in pieces with a huge electrified tail or a comet in tact with a smaller electrified tail.

Think it'd been better for all if it stayed in one piece.
Many reputible souces have reported that spectrografs show this comet is made up primarily of the recently discovered element invisbilium. The heating of the comit as it approaches the inner solar system is causing the invisibilum in the crust to become chemically active and the comet only APPEARS to be disappearing from view. It is still very much a threat. EDUCATE YOURSELVES!!! THESE ARE FACTS!

lol, no just kidding. :)

... and the misspellings too. ;)
The comet signature apparently shows hydrogen cyanide, a very good dialectic.

It also glows more in the infrared than the visible spectrum.
I say we won't know until it is too late. That is how the world works. So we won't know anything until something happens.
There was a 'christian' man on youtube this July that claimed that a cia friend told him that Nibiru would come near the earth in October 2011. The magnetic field will be so strong that it will fry the brain cells of anyone on the surface. Above ground. we won't be able to think, much less talk or do anything.
This 'salesman' must think we already have that few brain cells.
(Well,,, some of us do.)
Anyway, this October 2011 we will find out.
maybe it has always been in pieces and we now can confirm that. they did say in the beginning that it was a brown dwarf star with planets orbiting around it.
For crying out loud, quit fearmongering, there has been proof upon proof that this Comet is disintegrating and will not even reach perihelion.
These strange events you are all stringing together is nothing more than a cognitive dissonance bias! Just because you say, 'See I told you so!" Does not mean that it is so!
By the time is swings back around from perihelion, it will be nothing more than a thought. Ice dissolved by the sun. Vapourized!
You better find a new threat...maybe this fictional Nibiru with the aliens who are coming to enslave us for gold mining...YEESH! Einstein would shake his shaggy head.
Why Einstein? My father would feel the same. Leave these things be. There´s nothing we can do about it and if there was, someone is already planning for it. So relax, maybe you´ll be one of the chosen ones...
The saddest thing about this is that NASA seem disinterested in confirming the breakup of Elenin. I know she was only wimpy, but surely after all this hullabaloo she deserves a mention? Or did I miss it?
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