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Sunday, August 07, 2011


ISS and the Southern Cross, Sunday 7 August

Left image; the ISS passes underneath the Southern Cross and the pointers, while the H2A-R/B heads between them. Right Image; the ISS passes through the tail of the Scorpion. both images 15 seconds exposure with ASA 400 with a Canon IXUS. Click to embiggen.

If you want to take decent images of the ISS going overhead, don't phone your grey-haired mum beforehand, not even half an hour beforehand, or you will find yourself, like me trying to set up your shots while still talking to your mum. And I didn't have time to adjust the timing from 15 seconds to something more suitable for early twilight.

Still, they didn't turn out too badly, got an extra satellite flare as well in the Southern Cross shot, and you can see the false comet and other bright clusters in the Scorpio shot. Not too shabby.

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