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Wednesday, November 03, 2010


No Hartleyids just yet

So far, only one potential meteor associated with comet 103P Hartley have been reported yet, but it is still worth watching for a few days. Sadly, in Australia, as the radiant is in Cygnus it will be mostly below the horizon (although highest around 10-11 pm daylight saving time). I watched for a little while until the clouds rolled in (of course), but saw nothing. Look to the north around 10-11 pm if you are about and about just in case.

Thomas Ashcraft did see an amazing fireball though (1 Meg video here)

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I saw a huge gieant fireball with britly visable green smoke trail fall out of the sky this am, 2:55am mountain daylight time over Denver. Is this your boy? I want to know because I saw this exact sme fireball on Nov. 5th , 2003 at approx 12:00 am, moutain standard time 200 mile southwest of the Denver, CO. area in the rocky mountains. Again the same fireball with the same green smoke falling out of the same northeastern sky.
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