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Friday, November 12, 2010


Meet Archie

Archie the Galah is the latest addition to the Chez Reynella family, joining Blizzard the bearded dragon (below).

SmallestOne had a birthday, he is a prime number years old. All the boys are now prime numbers old. The sum of their ages is also a prime number, the sum of the first and second digits of this prime number subtracted from MiddleOnes age, gives Smallest ones age. The sum of the digits of the square of Smallest ones age is OldestOne's age.


Tell all the Reynellians to not have birthdays or they get old and sad.
That's our job, to get old and sad and tell our kids of the past as we saw it all limined in a golden glow, and our kids will then ignore us and go off and discover life for themselves.

Parrots, however, are awfully therapeutic.
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