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Thursday, October 07, 2010


Iridium Flare Near Jupiter - Adelaide, Friday October 8

North-eastern evening sky as seen from Adelaide at 21:07 pm ACDST on Friday evening October 8. An Iridium flare occurs just above Jupiter.

On the evening of Friday October 8 a -6.7 magnitude iridium flare will occur just above Jupiter as seen from Adelaide and nearby surrounds. As a comparison, Venus is only magnitude -4.5 at the moment.

The Flare will be at maximum um at 21:07:17 (daylight saving time, note the precision), lasting around 20 seconds in total. The satellite will be very dim up until 10 seconds before the flare maximum, so you will have to keep your eye on the ball so to speak. Locating the area is easy, it will be just above Jupiter, which is the brightest object above the north-eastern horizon.

Start looking several minutes before, to make sure you know where you are looking, to get your eyes to adjust to the dark and to just enjoy the sky.

If you are not near Adelaide, see if there are any interesting flares near you at CalSky.

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