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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Comet P/2008 X4 in SOHO

Remember comet P/2003 K2 (P/2008 X4) Christensen? Well it has crossed the field of view of the LASCO C3 camera of the SOHO spacecraft. At the time of writing it has gone behind the occulting disk, and has not yet reappeared.

The image to the left was taken on the 22nd at around 19h UT, the comet is indicated with a short line. You can download the latest video from SOHO here (but its 7 Mb and you need to look carefully at the last few frames) or you can download my AVI here (only 0.5 Mb).

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Awesome. ;)

I've converted your avi to a gif file for ease of viewing, if anyone is interested.
G'Day Stephen

That's great! Many thanks for that!
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