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Thursday, January 31, 2008


Comet Holmes in STEREO

Comet Holmes is currently in the field of view of the H2A camera of STEREO (see the animation I made above, hat tip to Comet Al) . Amazingly Comet Holmes can still be seen all this time after the original outburst. Here is a lovely image by Rainer Kracht. Here is a local chart for Southern Hemisphere viewers (binoculars only, and best chance of seeing it is north of Canberra.)

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Well done Ian, very nice. It seems to me that the STEREO imager is seeing the comets dust shield very well, lets hope for another big bang.
Oh, thanks for listing my blog site amongst your exsulted few.

Kind regards, Cometal.
Although in the originals the comet is quite clear, in the aligned version it seems to go off frame (and Google video mungs the continuity a bit). I have to work on that a bit.

But yes, the dust cloud appears quite vividly in the imager.

I should have listed your blog months ago, but I got caught up in things (and I should have answered your eamil months ago too). Anyway, hopefully this year I will be more responsive.
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