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Monday, June 18, 2007


Daytime Venus again

The live webcam for the daylight occultation of Venus is here. Venus goes behind the Moon at 11:58 pm AEDST (about now ACST) and reappears around 12:58 am AEDST. (Just watched the disappearance, but the image is captioned "simulation", but it looked real, so I don't know if it really was a simulation).

Venus in the daytime, just. This image was taken about 2 minutes before Sunset, with the Sun behind a heavy bank of cloud. So it just squeaks in as "daylight". Venus is the dot near the top right hand corner (click to enlarge).

Today alternated between fantastic blue sky and pouring rain. Of course, we would have a fire alarm-induced evacuation just when it was pouring hardest as well (and me without my raincoat).

About 3:00 pm it was clear again. I walked around the main building so that I could have a clear view north, but with the Sun blocked by the main building. Withing a few moments I could see the Moon, and then Venus was visible, clear as a bell. It was also close to the car park building, so I had a handy referent. I took a couple of pictures, but you really can't see anything in them, even the moon is a pale blur.

I went back to get the students, but it started raining again. Later, it did clear up and I was able to show them Venus, and they thought that was cool. I managed to get some shots on the way home (the above image for example), then the rain closed in again.

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