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Sunday, March 01, 2020


Southern Skywatch March 2020 edition is now out!

The morning sky facing east in Adelaide on on Wednesday March 21 as seen from Adelaide at 5:55 ACDST, 90 minutes before sunrise, Mars is close to Jupiter. The inset shows the telescopic view of this meeting. (similar views will be seen similar views will be seen Australia wide 90 minutes before sunrise)

The March edition of Southern Skywatch is now up.

From mid month four bright planets will be seen in the morning sky, the moon traces down this ladder of planets, with an excellent massing on the 19th.

Mercury enters the dawn sky later in the month, this is an excellent time to view mercury in the morning.

Venus is high in the evening sky and  is visited by the crescent Moon on the 28th.

 Mars comes close to Jupiter on the 21st.

Jupiter climbs higher in the morning sky and is close to Mars on the 21st

Saturn   climbs higher in the morning sky.

March 10, Moon at perigee (12 hours after Full Moon, next month is better). March 18, Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn aligned in the morning sky. March 19; Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and crescent Moon close. March 22, Mercury and the thin crescent Moon close low in the morning twilight. March 25; Moon at Apogee. March 28; crescent Moon and Venus close.

March 10, Moon at perigee, March 25; Moon at Apogee.


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