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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Still More Awesome Aurora Pictures

These seriously awesome images above come from Graham Sanders (waves at Graham) of Kettering, Tasmania, and were taken at Trial Bay.

I haven't mounted all his images (click to embiggen the ones I did) but will do the rest later on (remember, all images that I post here are copyright to their respective photographers, so ask if you want to use them).

 The image to the left comes from Wayne Bigg from Mount Gambier, South Australia. If you want an animation, here is a time lapse animation taken at Flinders, Victoria from Alex Cherney covering 00:09-02:38 AEST, June 19th 2012:


Thanks to everyone who shared their images. We are still climbing towards Solar Maximum, so we should get a fair few more auroras in. Again, this was a fantastic show for an aurora storm that was a surprise!

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Lucky lucky you, very good, I live in south Aust, just cloud all week.
Thanks for the photos and all the Emails over the years.

Loved the photo's. I didn't even know you could see Aurora's from Australia!! Now I have a reason to visit Tasmania..
Laney - Alice Springs
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