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Monday, March 26, 2012


Venus, Moon and Jupiter, 26 March 2012

The Moon, Venus and Jupiter at 8:10 pm local daylight saving time in Adelaide. Click to embiggen.

Typical, clouds. At least there was a hole in the cloud for a brief while (just like on the Night of the Smiley Fritz), here you can see the crescent Moon with Earthshine peaking through the clouds, with Venus and Jupiter either side.

The Moons reflection is silver on the water below, an aircrafts lights are below Jupiter, and the lights of the channel mark the edge of the sea.

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Nice photo. But I think you need to rotate it in the computer, your photos seem to be coming out upside-down.


Damn, that's cool. Here in Croatia they're aligned vertically :)
Nice plane trail, btw :D

Anywayz, just wanted to say, cool photo (as always). Cheers :)
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