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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Daytime Venus using a Mobile Phone (just)

Inspired by my first daytime Venus of the season, I tried to see if I could record daytime Venus with my mobile phone. Due to the limitations of the phone camera, I waited until the Sun was quite low, and lined Venus and the moon up on a conveinet building (the South Australian Museum as it happened, got at least one other person seeing Venus while I was lining up the shot).

As you can see (if you click the image to embiggen it), it sorta worked. You can see Venus .. just, as a faintish dot just slightly more intense than the noise. I think that pushes the limit of mobile phone cameras.

Just for balance, here's Sunday's conjunction with the mobile phone. No earth-shine but you do see the path of the Moon (when you click to embiggen).

Venus taken with the mobile phone just after sunset.

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