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Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Various Bits Of Good News

EldestOne had his cast removed, the doctors are pleased with his legs progress, and he now wears a technicolour splint. The chess club EldestOne started at school with his friend The Medic (I am NOT a spy) proved popular and will continue next year. The Bettdeckererscnappender weisle has been offered a decent job.

While our NH&MRC grant didn't get up (sob), we got an ARC linkage grant (Yay!). Unfortunately, as I am 4328th investigator on the multi-investigator grant my share of the money is around 50 cents a year. Green Tea guy, who did honours with me this year, got a First Class Honours (as did the two chemistry Honours students who worked in my Lab) and is likely to get a scholarship.

And finally, my friend John has got a well deserved associate professorship at Bond University, I'll be able to see him again on my regular pilgrimages to my family.

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