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Sunday, April 05, 2009


The Best Laid Plans

So we had multiple birthday parties this weekend. We shuffled off EldestOne to a friends party/sleepover, SmallestOne had a fairy disco and we were having MiddleOnes friends over for a party and sleep over. So of course the drains block up, toilets overflow, you get the idea. One emergency plumbing visit later the party is on track, kids are water bombing each other and having fun. The they make giant biscuits for a giant biscuit-icecream cake, the kitchen (just survives). The Bettdeckererschnappeder weisle is just about to take out the final biscuits when the handle of the oven comes off, and the oven door comes apart. Makes the Fish and Chip supper a bit difficult to cook.

Then the star party I was going to have with the boys was clouded out. Oh Well.

Still, the boys had great fun despite all the disasters.

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