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Friday, November 14, 2008


...and What About the Leonids

The north-eastern horizon in Australia at around 4 am local daylight saving time on Tuesday 18 November (click to enlarge).

Given that the Taurids were really nice, what's happening with the Leonid meteor shower? Well, I more-or-less answered this back in in August. While there is a prediction for a short outburst of possibly 100-150 meteors per hour, the peak falls on around 11:30 am Eastern Daylight savings time on the 18th, well after the sun has risen. A second prediction puts the peak at 10:00 am EDST, again well after the sun has risen. Ther is another possible peak on the 19th, which alos occurs during daylight in the eastern stares, but might be picked up in Western Australia.

As well, the waning Moon is close to the radaint, making it hard to observe meteors. So maybe it may be a good idea to sleep in on Tuesday morning. On the other hand, if the peaks arrive early, we might see something nice.


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