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Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Jupiter in Daylight again.

Following on from my post about seeing Jupiter 11 minutes before sunset, I was able to see Jupiter 30 minutes before sunset, with the Sun 5 degrees above the horizon. As I noted in my previous post, I found an article from 1917 that says you can see Jupiter only when the Sun is 5 degrees or less above the horizon, so theoretically this is the limit for seeing Jupiter. However, Jupiter looked failry obvious, so I might be able to see it earlier. I used the Moon as my guide to locate Jupiter, but I until 30 minutes before sunset I was actually looking in the wrong place. I had to check the sky charts again before I realised that I was looking too far to the right. I'll try and have a go tomorrow, again using the Moon as reference, and see if I can see it earlier than 30 minutes.

Also saw Antatres in binoculars on Sunday, just on sunset, again using the Moon as my guide. Again, If I hadn't been looking in slighly the wrong place, I think I could have seen Antares earlier.

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