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Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Venus, Saturn and disintergrating Jetty

Venus and Saturn shine above the Semaphore Jetty as waves pound into it (click to enlarge).

A combination of high tide and gale force winds brought the water right up to the edge of the beach. Largs Jetty is pretty high, but still had the occasional wave coming over it. Semaphore Jetty is lower, and the far end was pretty well covered by incoming waves. This image may not be the steadiest, as my round the corner neighbour had to hold the tripod down so it wasn't blown away. Eldest one was flat out moving forward in the wind, and middle one was pretending to be a human kite.

This image gives you a better idea of the waves slamming into the Jetty, The decking at the weather end had been pretty well torn up, but I couldn't get an image of that through the spray. We are lucky that the storm did not hit during the king tide a few days ago.

As it was, Birkenhead bridge was closed off due to flooding of the approaches, parts of Port Adelaide and the old Railway yards were flooded.

The boys were stoked by the excitement (and being blown over by the wind), but you can see why my astronomy is not getting anywhere


Ian, sorry to hear that you are suffering from strong winds and excess water. If it is any consolation, we are having exactly the same problems in the UK at the moment with some parts of the country flooded. We even had RAF helicopters airlifting stranded office workers in Sheffield last week.

By the way, was Semaphore Jetty the one near to the fish and chip shop?
No, that's the Largs jetty, which was mostly Okay, the Sempahore Jetty is next to the mini steam train.

Everyone seems to be having wild weather, what we experienced is nothing compared to the east coast. And as you mentioned the UK is being battered, as is parts of the US.

Hope everything is Okay with you too. The Strudel live bookmark isn't loading BTW.
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