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Thursday, March 15, 2007


Fantastic Mars Flyovers

Image Credit NASA/JPL/University of Arizona/U.S. Geological Survey

New 3-D flyovers of Mars have been released. Using high resloution images from the Mars Reconassiance Orbiter, NASA have created detailed flyovers of the sites where the rovers SPIRIT and OPPORTUNITY are working.

The Flyby of Victoria Crater (2.4 Mb) zoooms by a virtual rover then skims aross the dune filled crater. The Flyby of the Columbia Hills (4.5 Mb) appraches across cratered plains then pans up the rugged hills themselves.

Nice find! It's given me the bug to try my hand at some more 3D renders.
Oh please, do some more 3D renders, pretty please.
I've got a big honkin' new 3GHz Quad Core Mac now... it shouldn't take 3 weeks to render a flyover anymore! :)
Ohhh, Shiny!!!! I wait in anticipation.
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