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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


All go for Transit of Mercury Tomorrow Morning.

Image Credit NASA/SOHO

All looks good for tomorrows Tranist of Mercury
The weather forecast is fine for most of Australia. Also, there looks to be a humungous Sunspot that will rotate onto the face of the Sun tomorrow which should also make observing interesting. In the case that tou are clouded out, or can't get a telescope or binoculars set up, thy the list of webcasts in my page above, or those from Stuart or the Bad Astronomer.

In the image below from the LASCO C3 you can see a flare billowing up from the Sunspot that soon will be on the face of the Sun. Mercury is in there, but it is too faint to see in the camera. In this video (1Mb) you can see faint Mercury enter stage left then rapidly fade out just before the flare erupts.

I'll be setting up both my refractor, with my pentax camera, and my reflector, with projection. If I have a chance I will do "semi-live" blogging, small children permitting.

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