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Thursday, June 01, 2006


Meteors for 73P reprise

Well, despite last nights high radio meteor rates, no one saw anything outsatnding (but then again, it looks like most folks had poor weather). Here it is 9:15 pm ACST and the radio meteor activity is high again, that site is a little hard to interpret this site gives a more user friendly look at the rates. Looks above 200 meteors/hour at most sites. Of course, the radio detects entries we can't see by eye, so the visual rate will be less, much less probably. Anyway, there is a break in the cloud and delta Bootis is visible, I'm going out.


During my brief observation (radiant was only 12 deg above the horizon, limiting magnitude around 5.5) I saw nothing. I have seen no reports of high t-taurid activity anywhere.

So was the radio alert a false alarm? Having multiple radio stations picking up high meteor rates for two nights in a row suggests not (and the bloke who runs the network doesn't think so either) but radio reflections can pick up smaller particles that we can't see, so it might have been a "microfine" shower.

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