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Thursday, June 22, 2006


Animated Moon Set

Update: You will have to download the animation here (warning 1.8 Mb file) as blogger photos converted it to a non-animated png file.

A month ago, I was inspired by an animation of the Moon setting (which I can no longer find on the web), to make my own. I finally got around to sorting it out, and here it is (you have to click on the image to the left to see the animation). There is a big jump in the middle, where the camera decided to take out-of-focus images for no apparent reason, but otherwise it looks okay. If the weather is kind, I will have another go and see if I can get all the images in focus.

It's not am-muh-nating.

Yeah, blogger photo's has converted it to a PNG file for some reason. Ill have to set up a link to my home server tonight (sigh)
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