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Monday, March 06, 2006


Yet another Venus animation

This is a preview of the Great Venus Animation (167 Kb). Just under a month of images shot roughly every 4 days. The animation is a bit wobbly, as each image isn't in the same exact orientation. I will fix this for the final assembly, and I've worked out a better way to overlay the images. Still, it's not looking too bad, compared to my animation of 2005 shots. Coming soon, Ian's guide to using The Gimp for astrophotography.

"Coming soon, Ian's guide to using The Gimp for astrophotography."

I can't wait for that, my field laptop is a Thinkpad PC, my other computers are Macs with Photoshop. I have The Gimp but haven't taken time to learn it yet.

Another cool animation!!!
a l'il late to say that this *is* nice. some remarkable images.

my favorite to date are the strips of Venus and Mars showing the change over time.

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